Grand Hotel Kallistea, 1966

Dearest friend,
It is with extreme joy that I write to you for your precious news and to inform you about the progress of the summer vacation in the company of my sister and mother. The location is a fascinating place that you should definitely see; maybe we can go back together next year. The crystal-clear sea gently laps against the shores of this marble island as the nostalgic Zephyr lifts into the air a brisk local fragrance they call “Happiness.” It is such a bizarre location that it cannot help but constantly amaze me. The sumptuous Grand Hotel Kallistea, at which I am staying, stands on a white beach in the vicinity of a peculiar colorful Lighthouse and is an all-female resort where every wish seems to come true as if by magic: “Beautiful” is the only watchword for access. There is a constant sense that the exuberant energy from the “Dolce Vita” is amplified immeasurably with a strong burst of freedom, youthful freshness and unbridled joie de vivre, unfolding between warm afternoons on the beach, carefree moments behind the wheel of a convertible along the Riviera, numerous cocktails in the imposing lounges and parties aboard marvelous yachts. It’s almost like living in one of those movies that are all the rage in theaters now. Against the backdrop of a sophisticated 1960s vacation resort, a new screenplay is thus born, fine-tuned under a quirky, at times surreal, nostalgic and, at the same time, extremely glamorous perspective featuring a series of vacationers of different ages, chameleon-like personalities and mysterious backgrounds. Prominent among them is the figure of Madame Kallistea who, as her name coming from the Greek superlative already anticipates, undoubtedly represents the most magnetic, fascinating and excessive personality I have ever known. Everything is so theatrically voluptuous, sparkling and enigmatic that the way the guests dress mirrors the parallel reality in which I find myself. I can, therefore, tell you that for the Spring/Summer 2023 Capsule Collection an elaboration of volumes and materials from the exuberant world of 1960s couture is presented, in complete contrast to an essential taste of nautical clothing and a free taste of the youth revolution. This effervescent flurry of joyful permanence is thus translated into a relationship of fluid juxtapositions played on the innermost sense of the parts, in which the rugged and masculine blue denim of sailors finds sweet juxtaposition with a bright and sophisticated silk shantung in the brightest colors, as a cool Italian poplin finds union with a stiff cotton canvas reminiscent of the comfortable upholstery of old motorboats. Everything is further emphasized by the use of bright and eccentrically juxtaposed colors with luxurious silk twills printed with pop culture and psychedelic flavor graphics, fabrics lasered as if the salt air had discolored them by following bizarre geometric shapes, and very soft cotton jerseys embellished with graphics reminiscent of the titles of those songs playing on the radio. The atmosphere thus gives the image of a life played out in amarcord fun where frivolous vanity meets sweet exuberance and where worldly pleasure meets the splendid selfishness of one’s personality. Dearest friend, I conclude this letter of mine by stating that only at the Grand Hotel Kallistea have I learned to appreciate the brisk fragrance they call “Happiness,” a true driving force and transversal to every event and time. The innermost meaning of this journey is to remember the beauty and substance of dreams.


Designer: Arduini Francesco

Hairstylist: Venditti Teresa

Ecommerce Make Up Artist:

Erika Terriaca & Triaca Cosmetica

Shooting Make Up Artist:

Diva & Coco Make Up

Communication and Photography Agency:


Model 1: Esposito Lucia

Model 2: Quaranta Noemi

Model 3: Quaranta Tania

Model 4: Alla Libera

Model 5: Gualzetti Sara

Model 6: Gualzetti Sofia