The vivid red of the Rising Sun was now a mysterious memory when a strong storm hit, making navigation of the “Moira” almost impossible. On this ancient vessel, time now seemed to have crystallized, and where once one could hear the clink of silverware against precious Oriental porcelain and the smell of rice and cherry powder, suddenly a silence pervades and the memories of a great personality take shape once again: it is Madame Mitsouko. Its name, in the Japanese language, is the result of a viscous honey that tastes so sweet but at the same time of an eternal and enigmatic mystery of life that it seems to recall the figure of the heroine of Claude Farrère’s novel “The Battle” (1909). Against the backdrop of an old fishing boat, this new interpretation is born, featuring, as its protagonist, the woman who knew how to fight the impulses of her passions with nobility, dividing herself spiritually between the promise that bound her to her husband, a powerful admiral, and her secret love for a naval officer in the enemy camp. Subjugated by the  frustrating loneliness of absence and the memory of old domestic splendors, this one finds her lifeblood and purifying in sailing, thus joining the Marine Corps as well. For the fall/winter 2022-23 collection, an elaboration of volumes and materials from the world of the rigorous and valiant navy of the 1940s is presented in complete contrast to a timid extremely feminine, elegant, and enveloping taste of the refined Japanese tradition. This introspective journey, emphasized by the deepest allure of mystery, is thus translated into a relationship of fluid juxtapositions played on the innermost sense of the parts, in which the severe and masculine wool velour finds sweet juxtaposition with a luminous and seductive cotton velvet as a soft and enveloping technical cady finds union with a stiff and white English oxford. Everything is further emphasized by the use of dark, wintry, and rigorous colors in sharp contrast to cold tones of the Arctic sky, the green reflection of oil in the waters, and a traditional “Rising Sun” red, a symbol of the deepest passions. It is therefore intended to give the image of a voluptuous and austere fluidity skillfully played out in a mysterious relationship between vain personality, balanced exuberance and contemporary linearity of forms, a driving force and transversal to all times. The sole purpose of this physical and spiritual journey is to remember the past, live in the present, and conquer the future with an awareness of one’s own capacity for renewal. 


Designer: Arduini Francesco

Hairstylist: Venditti Teresa

Make Up Artist: Angie Make Up Pro

Stylist: Latini Daria

Communication and Photography Agency:


Dresser: Martialetti Sara

Model 1: Bucciarelli Antonio

Model 2: Di Sauro Camilla

Model 3: Fiano Giorgia

Model 4: Gualzetti Sara

Model 5: Gualzetti Sofia

Model 6: Santaroni Andrea