The Night was now in its deepest phase when the Moon illuminated an ambiguous intangible space.
Everything was essential and everything was crystallized in the indefinite. The scene was presided over by a fascinating female figure who, playing with a silver thread, recited verses from Aristotle’s Teleology:

“Nature is a principle and a cause of movement and rest in everything that exists in itself and not by accident […] Living according to nature is living according to virtue, that is, according to the individual nature and the nature of universe, doing nothing of what the law common to all usually prohibits […]”

Suddenly a silence pervaded the atmosphere and the prophecies of a great personality took shape again: it was Atropos’ decision. His name, in the ancient Greek language, is the personification of the Inevitable Destiny in all its forms for which the finalistic vision of Aristotelian poetics conceives a teleological vision of the individual path, according to which everything is in continuous transformation. The female body is thus studied for its most immediate sensitive and anatomical appeal. The cyclical nature of life seemed to accompany her on a path towards the sublime, towards the high spheres of classicism but above all towards the most perfect ideas of beauty, femininity and refinement. Time is thus reduced to an illusory transformation, becoming light like a delicate satin cloth or a rich and viscous fluid until it envelops it. The emblematic female figure comes back to life with a new identity under modern forms and ideas. For the Capsule Collection Fall/Winter 2023-24, an elaboration of volumes and materials coming from the sumptuous and elegant world of 1950s couture is presented in complete contrast to an austere, bold and progressive vision of the American photographer Lillian Bassman. This empirical journey, emphasized by the deepest allure of mystery, is thus translated into a relationship of fluid fusion in which a rigorous charmelaine of virgin wool finds a sweet combination with a seductive cotton velvet as well as a luminous and soft satin of pure silk finds a union with a tight-fitting technical cady. The nuances follow the strong philosophical inspiration, unfolding between various shades of black, blue and red combined with airy blues and natural tones of malachite. The intention is therefore to give the image of a sophisticated and transcendental femininity expertly played in a mysterious relationship between a sensual personality and contemporary linearity of forms, a driving and transversal force at all times. The sole purpose of this spiritual journey is to celebrate the immortality of the single individual.


Designer: Arduini Francesco

Designer Assistant: Guastella Chiara

Photographer: Lancia Riccardo

Photographer Assistant: Campagna Gianmarco

Make Up Artist: Delfini Elisa

Model 1: Testani Emma

Model 2: D’Angelo Desirè