Francesco Arduini is an Italian brand born from the instinctive and creative vision of its young founder. After completing his Fashion Design studies at a well-known Roman Academy, he had the opportunity to take his first steps in important creative offices of world-renowned luxury brands. At the same time, driven by the extreme curiosity that has always distinguished him, the young designer does not give up work opportunities linked to the world of entertainment and cinema and begins to collaborate with them. Thus the designer decides, almost directly and instinctively, to undertake an autonomous path in the world of fashion by registering his namesake brand and starting to lay the foundations of his future through the development of ready-to-wear collections and consultancy as a freelance fashion designer.

The logo fully represents its essence in which fragmentation and sinuosity represent a visual key to its total expression. This was born from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčan Italian-American jewelry designer who was able to translate the character of the designer into an essential stylization. Francesco Arduini was born from a careful elaboration of the past and an irresistible need to translate its chameleon-like essence into a bold, cultured, contemporary and glamorous vision. A vision that will consolidate season after season by affirming its point of view in the creation of a true LIFESTYLE. The creative process draws its vital strength from the capacity for synthesis played between past and future, giving a fascinating allure dictated by the concept of TIMELESS: revolutionary necessity to be adopted in a sector marked by the transcendence of rapidly changing trends and as an internal force capable of making it qualitatively durable over time.

The brand strongly believes in the concept of INCLUSIVITY by supporting all its values ‚Äč‚Äčrelated to body conscious issues. The product is created in one size with the awareness of breaking down specific conventional sizes shown on labels and being able to adapt, in most cases, to different physical shapes through wise stylistic choices and modeling techniques.

The garments are made in small local workshops and packaged by expert hands following traditional tailoring techniques. The company spirit embraces the concept of NO WASTE, as a policy against the waste of raw materials, reducing the necessary use of fabric during the production phase to a minimum. It also believes in the concept of ETHICAL SUSTAINABILITY as a fundamental and revolutionary element, avoiding excessive waste of manpower in the development and production of products in relation to demand, thus giving a veiled value of vain EXCLUSIVITY.

The search for raw material is one of the fundamental aspects in the realization of the collection project, and the selection is always very detailed, accurate and dictated, as much as possible, by the concept of SUSTAINABILITY and CERTIFICATION.
The products are made of fabrics originating mainly from natural fibers or from technological blends where this one prevails over all, as far as possible. Fibers of artificial and synthetic origin, thanks to modern technological advances, are being intelligently used for performance purposes related to the use of the product itself.