The day passes driving a convertible along the Riviera while a light summer wind brings with it the lively smell of the sea. Nothing seems changed and everything is wonderfully still. The last colony of Magna Graecia is getting ever closer, when a particular villa from the Nineties now dominates the scene which seems to imitate the style of the architect Mies van der Rohe: it is Villa Acrona. His name, in the ancient Greek language, is the personification of the transcendental absence of Time in which every aspect of life seems frozen in a specific moment. Questo momento si chiThis moment is called Happiness.ama Felicità. Against the background of a minimalist residence, a particular personality stands out that seems to recall the sumptuous owner who lived there: it is her niece Acrona Jr. Thus was born a sensational screenplay developed from a sublime, exuberant, joyful, at times nostalgic, cathartic and absolutely glamorous perspective in which the young woman sets off towards her childhood memories among objects and photographs, reconstructing life paths based on the most splendid. The redundant style of a pompous past decade thus merges with the young desires and perspectives of contemporary society in search of its own essence. The emblematic female figure of the Matrona comes back to life with a new identity under modern forms and ideas. The spiritual dualism of these figures is the true keystone of the narrative. For the Spring/Summer 2024 Capsule Collection, an elaboration of volumes and materials coming from the opulent and glamorous world of the early Nineties of the villa’s wardrobe is presented, in complete contrast to a young and fresh vision with a casualwear and sporty chic touch. The search for nostalgic memories and the unbridled need for worldly exhibitionism are translated into a relationship that sees as protagonists on the one hand the most unbridled maximalism made of very bright golden duchess capes and laminated brocades, sinfully printed twill tops, midi skirts in three-dimensional embroidery , robe manteau dresses in pure silk shantung, cascades of gold chains and colorful resin jewels, and on the other hand minimalism in the purest value of the term made of simple and dynamic lines, of suits in robust and grunge blue denim, miniskirts in soft cotton canvas typical of the upholstery of holiday homes up to fresh sleeveless shirts in cotton poplin and multicolour jacquard beach towels. All further unified according to an eclectic and delicately dusty palette. The intention is therefore to give the image of a sophisticated and brazen femininity expertly played in a mysterious relationship between a sensual personality and contemporary linearity of forms. We are not just talking about a passionate return to the ancient summer residence but about a real introspective journey into the past to lay the foundations for one’s new future.


Designer: Arduini Francesco

Photographer: Lancia Riccardo

Photographer Assistants:

Campagna Gianmarco & Umberto de Angelis

Make Up Artist: Delfini Elisa

Model: Testani Emma

Shooting Location: Suite Testani